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Holiday quiz and new kid craft favourites

Guess We're off for a week tomorrow. Guess where? I'll have a drawing that includes all of the people who answer correctly and I'll send the winner something special, don't know what - but it will be special, maybe something from the holiday.

This is like one of those silly TV quizzes that everyone knows the answer to, do people actually enter those - do people actually win?

As I'll be away, thought I'd leave you with a few images from the past week.

My kids have been off school for Easter break and we haven't had the best spring weather. It's been very cold. Snow on Easter Sunday and bitter the whole week.


I broke out some crafty bits that I've been stock piling and we've been dabbling in this and that while waiting for the sun and a few rays of warmth.


Gracie has been enjoying Shrinkie Dinks. She can't get enough of them. And she can't quite believe the fact that they've been around since mummy was a little girl - she thinks they're way too cool to be so old.


Magic! We have lots of plans for her little creations, but we'll have to reveal them at a later date.


Tristan has been introduced to needle felting. Both of the children are loving this but I've found it particularly useful for holding the interest of my 9 year old boy. Any other parents out there trying to limit computer games and telly, I highly recommend needle felting.

Being allowed to stab something repeatedly with a very sharp needle was very satisfying for my son, try it with yours - I guarantee it will keep them away from the computer or the telly for at least an hour.

I explained a little about it here if you aren't familiar with it. For needle felting supplies try Myriad, I've talked about them before, if you're in the UK get their catalogue - lovely stuff.


To start the holiday we had a little egg painting, of course. Decorating the boxes with a bit of decoupage was fun too.


Then the hunt. The coldest Easter egg hunt I've ever experienced. Thank goodness the children were quick, any dawdling would have meant numb fingers and toes for mummy.


What will all of your children be up to over their Easter/Spring breaks?

If you still remember my terribly difficult quiz about where we're going for holiday and you know the answer, email me with your answer (friends and family can't take part because that would be even easier than it already is.)

I really will send a nice pressie to the winner. Have a lovely week!

J x



fab easter craftiness!!! :) It was a freezing col dEaster, wasn't it? Yuk Yuk YUK!


Thanks for the tip about needle felting!

Gift of Green

You are in Abs Tower? Six-Pack Skyscraper? Stomach Leaning? I give up.


I'm assuming that you're going to Italy: Rome and Pisa!?


I'm assuming that you're going to Italy: Rome and Pisa!?


I just stumbled upon your blog and have no idea where you're going for vacay (assuming the pictures are not representative of the city - that would be too easy!)... Just wanted to say that I love your blog and have a great time!! And if you really are going to Italy, I'm thoroughly jealous! Our spring break was spent around the house.


i would guess italy!


What an adorable flower shrinky dink :) Enjoy your trip :)

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I have a ten year old boy and I think I will try the needle felting. I love that vase of flowers!

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