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Here's a little digital project for girls or boys that I've been working on as part of a project for The Green Parent magazine. It's a great way to personalize a gift or make one for your own children.

Here's how to do it: Simply photograph your child in a bathing suit, then photograph the child in other outfits or costumes. Be sure to put he or she in the same position and at the same distance to the camera as you did in the bathing suit.

Print the photos out on to card stock then cut out the full body in the bathing suit. Next cut out just the clothing of the other pictures. Be sure to make tabs on the clothing to fold over the body as you would with regular paper dolls.

I'm planning on making this a gift for a friend of Gracies. To do this I will take an existing photo of the friend and use a simple photo program like Photoshop Elements to put the child's head on to Gracie's body, that way the other child doesn't need to pose and thus ruin the surprise. I'll also make a sturdy, decorative envelope to keep them in.

The paper dolls pictured are a magnetic version, to see how it was done as well as other magnetic crafts you'll need to get your hands on a copy of the April/May issue of The Green Parent magazine.



This is such a cute idea - would make a great gift for any little girl!

Gift of Green

Brilliant! Welcome back!

amy sharp

you rock!


What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing it!


My two girls will love this...thanks for the inspiration!


This looks fun. I remember when American Girl Magazine used to do this type of thing with a paper doll girl of the month stapled into the middle. Then they stopped doing that. Thanks for the idea and the info about the magazine.



check out my friend's site for a twist on this idea....

she's fabulous!


Hey that's pretty cool!

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I have to check this material in order to create new and more complex paper dolls, because I like so much that activity.


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