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As I'm way across the pond from my Holiday Traditions swap partner, this little bundle went out earlier this week. I sent it ahead of time in case Royal Mail decides to strike - again!

I wrapped my swap items in an antique French linen tea towel. I love using fabric for wrapping gifts, it looks nice and it's reusable.

The clay robin is one of the ornaments I began making a few years back with Tristan and Gracie. Each year we get a large pack of air-drying clay and and we make ornaments and garlands.

Clayrobin We use the DAS variety of air-drying clay because it has a lovely texture and isn't sticky to work with. But if you have time to make your own, try Meg's brilliant recipe and instructions here, or try this spicy ornament recipe posted at HowToMe.

To make this little robin get the following supplies:

Air-drying clay, small sharp knife, acrylic paint, antiquing gold paint, small twigs, tooth pick, small drinking straw, raffia or ribbon

1. Print out this template and cut out the robin.

2. Roll out some clay and lay cut-out robin on the clay. Cut around the robin with the point of the knife.

3. Gently pick up your robing, dip your finger in a bit of water and smooth the edges of the robin.

4. Position small twigs (I like birch because of their colour) behind the bird and gently press into the clay.

5. Cut a small circle of damp clay on top of the twigs from behind and press it down to help secure the twigs.

6. Put a small hole in the robin at the top of its back behind the head. Use the tooth pick or cut the hole out with the end of a drinking straw. Then make a small impression with the toothpick to create an eye.

7. Leave to dry, then paint in brown and red.

8. Smooth a bit of antiquing gold using your finger.

9. Thread the hole with raffia or narrow ribbon, make a slip knot and hang or top a pressie with it.

A simple craft for those of us who are time and brain cell deficient, and those who aren't - right now I feel I'm definitely the former : )



It's lovely!! I know now what ornament I'm going to have the kids make this year.


What a cute robin! I have been making some wreaths with feather robins on them, and I wish I had some clay in to make some of these too!


That is such a lovely ornament.

Grandmother Wren

Lovely -
a little sign of spring for the Christmas tree.
Thank you!


It's lovely! Such a nice idea, and I love how you used it as decoration on your gift.


Beautiful - great idea!


A wonderful craft for winter, a sure sign of spring. Thank you

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