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It looks like Easter around here. Gracie and I have been decorating eggs. She's been my little helper and model for various magazines lately, today it's an Easter issue. She's so good at understanding how to pose for "step-by-step" photos, moving just the right amount in the right direction and she's incredibly patient for six. Best part is bribery still works with her, if she's tiring I toss her a few sweets and she's mine for at least another ten minutes: )

We had a couple of eggs left over so we decided to make some mini dioramas for the Christmas tree. These were so simple and for some reason made us really giggle, probably fine glitter on the brain.

Snowmanframed_2Here's what we did:

Made holes in the eggs with a pin and broke them open to nearly half a shell.

We then washed them, let them dry and painted them inside and out.

When dry, we put glue around the rim and sprinkled on fine glitter.

For this one we built a snowman out of two pom-poms, used sticks for arms, added googly eyes, a pipe cleaner scarf and a felt hat and nose.

We glued gingham ribbon around it, tied a loop for hanging then a bow above. Another way to decorate these is to glue in cut out images from old Christmas cards to create a mini festive scene.

We were very eggcited with the results - easy and quick to make, perfect for children and adults with limited attention spans - like me ; )



this is outrageously cute!




Easter goes Christmas, cute!!


They areso cute! They are kind of like some of the indented tinself toys I have from the 50's... Lovely!

Sara Shalom

I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

Trying Traditional

My mother has a set of these that represent the nativity. She carefully stores them in an egg carton every Christmas. I am 29 years old and can not remember a Christmas without them.

All that to say, they will last a very long time if stored well.


Hey, saw this on the crafty crow. Love it! I want to try this with my kids. I've never been able to successfully blow out an egg through a pinhole, so this huge hole will be within my abilities, I'm sure.


Thank you for this 'memory lane' post. I intend to start on 20 of these for next year's nephew and niece Christmas gift.


This is an awesome craft from the past! I remember making these when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me to make more now! ;-)


Great project! Cannot wait to decorate my tree using this ornament:) Thank you! Question: what kind of paint did you use? will tempera work?

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