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Scarecrow party


The Form 1 garden is just about finished and with children running all about frightening off the birds - there's not much left for these scarecrows to do but party!

These are just a few the class made using this template. I love how individual each one of these guys are - such a simple project and even after an hour of busyness the children were all still eager for more. I highly recommend this one for anyone needing to entertain groups of children.

Adventtree_2Next time I'll save enough cereal boxes to cut the body parts out of, they'll look better than the white card I had. My husband gets a little tired of me scavenging through the recycling bin because much of it ends up back in the house waiting for one project or another - there's just so many!

Like this one I recently finished for the lovely Green Parent magazine. To learn how to make this advent calendar, pick up their December issue in shops on Nov 19.


Gift of Green

I love Green Parent but I rarely can find it in our book stores over here! Congratulations on having your advent calendar featured! I'll have to track the December issue down.

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