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Finalapron_2My "Really Want to Make List" is getting longer, but will have to wait - probably until January. I suddenly have deadlines looming on exciting, unexpected projects in addition to the usual pre-Christmas school project frenzy.

I did manage to squeeze in this hastily made gift for Clemmie (not for Gracie, hence the frown.) Just realized I always refer to my gifts as hastily made - they always are.

I picked up some children's cooking utensils at a local shop for a gift, but they were crying out for a little apron to go with them, so I made this. It's adjustable to grow with the child.

I know there are hundreds, probably thousands of apron patterns out there, but here's a hastily made tutorial for this one in case anyone would like to make it. Needless to say - it's VERY simple.

Love aprons? Take a look at this site of Amy Karol's, she links free apron patterns there and hosts a regular apron challenge. Or go to The Apronista, another entirely apron blog with more pattern links.

Oh, and the apron fits better than it looks in the picture. The frowning child wouldn't allow me to adjust it - had to snap it quick. I think I'll be knocking out another one to give to my model on her Halloween birthday.

Today happy birthday to Clemency, hope you cook up some tasty treats : )



hasty perhaps, but cute none the less!

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