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Decorating the garden

Applewreath_4 Windfall apples and lengths of ivy all wrapped up into a quick wreath. Took only five minutes to make using garden trimmings headed for the compost heap.

To make: Trim any long trailing plant (ivy, jasmine, Virginia creeper, etc.) and wind it into a circle. Use fine wire or florists wire (even string) to secure the circle and to attach colourful bits. Use anything autumnal from the garden to add colour - apples, crab apples, hydrangeas, rose hips or berries.

It will probably only last a week but for now it nicely smartens up the old garden shed. Maybe I should pin one on myself, I'm a year older today - I could use a simple fix to smarten me up.

Oops, today is now yesterday because I'm up too late and today is now my sister's birthday. Happy birthday Patty - yes I know you're still younger than me, but only a year. And Dad, happy birthday tomorrow : )



What a wonderful, simple idea! Thank you for the inspiration:) And Happy Birthday!

Gift of Green

Perks that door right up!!

And belated Happy Birthday to you!


Hope you had a happy birthday! Hip hip hooray from Stockholm, Sweden.

And Miles To Go...

what a beautiful creation!!


Thanks for the birthday wishes!


How beautiful! It really makes the door lovely.

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