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There's very little I like about summer ending (especially when July was a wash-out.) A few things I do like:

1. Hearing Gracie make plans for her birthday and change plans for her birthday. Hearing what her cake will be like - she's making and cutting it herself apparently, good. Fairy party,  Halloween Party,  Karate Party???, Art Party...

2. Picking apples and blackberries for this pie, my favourite pie. I adapted Tessa Kiros' Wholemeal Apricot Pie with the fold over crust from this beautiful book. I used apples and blackberries instead of apples and apricots, spelt flour instead of wholemeal because spelt has a lovely nutty taste and I made the crust a bit bigger to make it easier to get into the pan.

3. Children back in school, the serenity, and drinking a whole cup of tea before it gets cold.

4. Looking forward to the smell of votive candles cooking the lids of jack-o-lanterns. We must carve pumpkins every year so that I can smell that smell - even though in the UK Halloween isn't the colossal holiday it is in America. Lucky us, Gracie's birthday is on Halloween - the best reason to celebrate : )



Hiya Joan,

I wonder if you can help me. I intend to sew up a 'hair' band for a toddler but I am unsure of the length of fabric and elastic required. Do you have any ideas? I've sewed for her mom and sis using your measurements and their perfect but for the little kiddo I have my doubts. You can see a pic of her here, perhaps to give you some inkling on the measurements needed:


Thanks so much.

Domestic Chicky

Oh, that IS gorgeous...I will put that book on my shopping list!

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