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I know, I know - do we really need another headband pattern? If not scroll away now. But I made this pattern because I like the way it fits, and I love the speed at which I can make them - only about 10 minutes each.

These have been little present toppers on girlie birthday pressies all summer round here. Here’s how I do it.


Materials: Fabric (you don’t need much) - Elastic, 5mm width - Large safety pin - Coordinating thread - Sewing machine, although it could be done by hand with a needle and thread but it might take longer than ten minutes.

1. Cut a 40cm x 10cm piece of fabric out for the main section of the band. Cut a 32cm x 5cm piece of fabric out for the elasticated section of the band, and cut a 13cm length of elastic.


2. Optional: If you want to embellish your headband, sew ric-rac, lace or any other trim onto the right side of the large piece of fabric at this stage.

3. Finger press the large piece of fabric in half lengthwise and using a 5mm or 1/4" seam allowance, and with wrong sides facing, sew down the raw edge of the length of the fabric creating a long tube. Then repeat with the smaller piece of fabric. Turn both tubes right side out and press flat with the seams running down the middle.


NOTE: I use the old safety pin method of turning tubes, taught to me by Mrs. Alger, my 4-H sewing teacher when I was about 8 years old. Simply attach a large safety pin to the end of a tube and inch it back through the tube until it’s turned right side out. I've tried all the tube turner tools out there to make this job easy, but the old safety pin method for me is still the best - thanks Mrs. Alger!

4. Turn the ends of the large tube inside about 5mm or 1/4" to create a clean edge and press.


5. Thread the elastic through the smaller tube and sew across one end of it about one centimetre from the end leaving the one centimetre at the end of the tube with no elastic in it. Then gather the fabric down the elastic and sew the elastic on the other end the same way. This will give the elasticated tube little tails on each end to fit inside the larger tube.


6. Push the small tube end into a large tube end until the stitching that holds the elastic in place is just covered. Make sure both tubes have the seams facing in the same direction. Fold both edges of the larger tube over on the inside of the tube pointing towards the seam, making the large tube end the same width as the small tube end.


7. Secure by sewing across the two tubes and repeat on the other side. Don’t even worry how good the stitching looks because ears will hide any messiness - unless your giving this for a gift, then you may want it to be a little tidy.


ANOTHER NOTE: Embellish them. Add a yo-yo, a row of buttons, felt flowers - or make the band with small scraps for a tiny patchwork style.

LAST NOTE: These headbands seem to fit adults and children equally well.



I love the simplicity and sweetness of these headbands - thank you for this tutorial as well:)


Thanks for the lovely comments Stacey. Hope you can use the tutorial - they really are super quick to whip-up.


Those are so cute!


Thanks. They really are very easy, I may have made the tutorial look more complex than it really is - but have a go!

And Miles To Go....

they ae so beautiful--I have three girls so I will be making these!!


Enjoy - they fit mummies too!


I can't stop daydreaming about this pattern.


thanks for the tutorial - I will be making lots of these!

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So beautiful. I will going to try this one and we will see if I'm talented as you. Thanks for sharing this.


One thing I want to do is have the elastic but have tails hanging down at the bottome so that it looks tied and i can tie it. Any ideas?

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First time into sewing and have to say I struggled - certainly not 10 mins lol. Couldnt get the elastic through the small tube - really struggled and have given up after trying to get it through for past 20 mins. May come back to it later. Please help

Java Momma

I'm wanting to make a headband to match a mod 60s outfit that I'm wearing in a musical. Is this the style they wore back then? Also, is there a better material than others? My dress is made out of a thinner sheer material, and I'm not sure if it'll have the same effect. Thanks!

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