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Bracelet & wrist cuff tutorial


This is one of a gazillion things you can do with empty toilet rolls. Gracie and I made these when she was home from school ill one day - obviously not too ill. We had such fun I wanted her to play hooky after that. It doesn't have to be too girlie though, Tristan's "wicked" cuff turned out great too - although it was quickly replaced by his Green Day wrist band, little rocker that he is.

The full tutorial is featured on Whip Up today, click here to get it. If you're new to the site I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks Whip Up!



I am relatively new over at whip up - to subscribe and look often. The bracelet idea it great - wonderful for a sleep-over idea for my 7-year-old or for a rainy day:) We've been having too many to count lately - great idea! Thank you for the tutorial!


Glad you like it. They really are good fun to make. I 've also done them with felt then we glued on felt flowers and buttons - they are even easier! CLick here for a look at the felt bracelets.


I have a 6 year old who is going to love making these! Thanks for sharing!

Gift of Green

I made a version of these for my son who is three. We've been watching a "Surfer dude" Scooby Doo and he wanted an upper arm with a black sharpie I made him a tattoo on the tube which he then wore on his bicep. Adorable if I don't say so myself! :)



I try to hide the sharpies because my daughter makes her own tattoos directly on her arm - she finds them anyway ;)

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