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VI love type - probably has to do with my graphics roots, so I often incorporate it into my sewing and crafts. Check out Rowland Scherman's "Love Letters" on Typographica, it combines type and another love of mine, photography - a real treat.

I whip-up quick, monogrammed lavender bags whenever I need a gift in an hour or less, perfect for teacher gifts.

Being new to blogging, I don't know if there are instructions like this posted anywhere so I thought I'd show how I do it.

Yesterday I realized I missed my friend Vic's birthday (bad friend that I am) so I grabbed a bunch of scrap material left over from the Easter Dress I made Gracie and made her a hanging lavender bag.Ready_for_sewing

1. Start by printing out your favourite font in various sizes (I used French Script).

2. Cut out the front and back pieces of the bag, mine is about 10cm x 14cm.

3. Then cut out the size letter that best fits your project - I use an outlined letter to save ink.

4. Iron some Bondaweb (or other fusible adhesive) onto the wrong side of a different piece of fabric for the letter (follow manufacturers instructions for Bondaweb.) Then place the cut out letter backwards onto the paper of the ironed on Bondaweb; trace it and cut out the letter you've traced.

5. Peel off the paper backing of the Bondaweb on the letter you've cut out and iron it onto the front or back piece of your bag. I used a piece of leftover blue linen and a scrap piece of cut-work embroidered linen that I backed with a piece of Liberty fabric. I also used a Liberty fabric for the monogram.

6. Machine or hand stitch the letter with contrasting embroidery floss.Needlework 

7. Cut out a piece of trim or ribbon for hanging and sandwich it between the front and back pieces of fabric (right sides facing), positioning the trim at the top.

8. Pin the two pieces of fabric and the trim together and stitch all around leaving a gap of about 5cm for filling.

9. Turn the bag right side out, press it and fill with lavender.

10. Hand stitch the gap to close and add some buttons at the base of the hanger. Finished!Back_front_copy

I've also made similar bags using a quilted piece for one side of the bag.

I'll try and get around to posting other projects I've made that incorporate typography.



Excellent directions! I love to craft and like finding new things to do. :)

Dianne Leutner

Hi Joan,

Am in the middle of making this beautiful bag. It won't be as neat as yours but it is very personal. I'm making it out of one of my favourite old linen dresses that is falling to pieces. Thanks for excellent directions as usual.


I'm sure it will be great - it's a handy little way to use up scraps.

And Miles To Go....

that is absolutely beautiful!!


Thanks, glad you like it. It's a great way to use up torn or stained linens - especially if they have lovely details like this one.


Thank you!


Very cute. Great idea. These would be cute small also to make sachets.


Very cute. Great idea. These would be cute small also to make sachets.


I am a proud owner of one of your lovely monogrammed sachets. I love this example, especially the detail of the Liberty fabric behind the cutwork piece. Joanie, you have enough material here in these tutorials for an amazing book. I just love your aesthetic.

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