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June 2007

Tickle, Tickle

One of our good friends, Daniel Postgate, writes and illustrates children's books - and they are FANTASTIC (not just saying that because he's a friend.) His latest Smelly Bill Stinks Again is recently out and my children (ages 8 and 5) howl with laughter over it as they did with the original book Smelly Bill.


His illustrations are hillarious - the site of Aunt Bleach's knickers makes them giggle uncontrollably. The stories have a wonderful rhyming rhythm running throughout. My personal favourite is Engelbert Sneem and His Dream Vacuum Cleaner.


The story of bad man who steals children's dreams in the night. His illustrations are amazing and the story cleverly turns Sneem from bad to good in a funny twist of fate - a fantastic read! All of his books are

We're off to Holland for a few days to visit The Efteling Centre. A fantastic theme park based on fairy tales - a bit like Disneyland without the queues and commercialism. Dutch school holidays are usually different to the UK so it's not busy. Been once before, it's lovely - hence the return trip.

Hope to show piccies of a messanger bag I'm just finishing off when I return. Been wanting one for the summer and found some great fabric. I made up a pattern and it's actually worked! Here's a sneaky peak. Sneak_peak_2

Shipping news

Pirate_boats_2 Even my son Tristan is getting into the blogging spirit. We made these little pirate ships and he emailed a photo to Innocent Drinks - they posted them on their news page and put them up on their pinboard, he thought it was as good as being on telly. Make them with all your little pirates out there, no tutorial necessary. Perfect kid project: Quick to make, fun to use and they get clean at the same time - what could be better!?!

A beginning

Enough ooohing and aaahing over other peoples blogs, finally I've made a start on my own. I hope to be able to master the art of creating and continuing this project, feeling a bit of a klutz with the software - any tips would be welcome.

Thanks to Anna Torborg and her inspiring book The Crafter's Companion and all those bloggers that lie between its pages - especially Lyn from molly chicken for her advice and her humor, every busy, crafty mum should read her blog when in need of a good chuckle.

Tooth_combo_3 My daughter (Grace) lost her first tooth as I wrote this post so we made a tooth fairy pouch to safely store her tooth under her pillow. In our house the Tooth Fairy is very kind and not only returns a coin to the loser of the tooth, but also returns the tooth to mummy and daddy for them to keep and sprinkles fairy dust in her wake.

The Tooth Fairy once lost one of my son's teeth from under his pillow - she'd been at a fairy party earlier that evening and accidentally dropped the tooth due to being a bit tipsy.